Unleash the Spirit of Generosity, Be a Hero to a Homeless Pet.

Unleash the Spirit of Generosity, Be a Hero to a Homeless Pet.  Adopting a dog from a shelter is an exciting, feel-good event. For many families, it’s a special moment, sure to become part of the family lore. For the dog, however, assimilating into family life can be difficult. Sadly, many dogs are returned to […]


First Public Outing UPDATE!

Sorry for the late update!!!
Well, Chase’s first public outing was a learning experience. It didn’t go well as he had several outbursts and shutdown on me a few times. It didn’t help that I was just as nervous as probably Chase was!!
The setup wasn’t the greatest as there was music playing and too much comotion to even try to explain the tricks and how to do them especially without a microphone.
So back to square one with a new training regimen – Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt. Hoping to get Chase to the point where we can continue to show off his tricks!!
Check back for updates on the new training regimen!


Tricks Demo: Our First Public Outing

This Sunday, May 25,2014 will be our first public outing as we were asked to perform a tricks demonstration for Leadership Lackawanna’s Family Fun Day to benefit Griffin Pond Animal Shelter’s Foster A Pet Program.
I am looking forward to taking Chase out of his comfort zone as well as myself as I’m not to fond of speaking in front of so many people. So I guess this is a training session for me and not for Chase this time – hahaha!!
Stay tuned to see how we did!!!


Dangerous Chase, Part 6

Dangerous Chase – The Finale!!!
The Remarkable Journey!!

The Border Collie Inquisitor

Our Lovable Little Bother

By Terri Florentino

Chase, Part 6

The Remarkable Journey

ChaseDebbieFast-forward to now.  Five years have passed since Debbie, Sam, Chase and I made this deal: give our training three months. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll rescue him. Needless to say, Chase has a permanent and loving home! I’m so proud of their accomplishments.

Debbie has also gone beyond my training and taught Chase many playful and clever tricks; she was always diligent in making sure she kept the learning process fun. I was so impressed with their tricks that I invited her to teach a Tricks Workshop at the training center. It’s a great success; the students enjoy the amusing and interactive activities with their dogs. Watch Chase’s video on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5XmqxNqFaE&feature=youtu.be.

Chase will always be a work in progress. When Debbie and Sam leave the house, Chase must go to his room. There he…

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Dangerous Chase, Part 5

The Border Collie Inquisitor


by Terri Florentino

courthouseCourthouse Square is always a great place to train and socialize dogs. It’s a bonus that there’s a lot of green area to spread out for basic obedience exercises and a fairly level sidewalk to practice heel positions. There’s never a lack of people, adults and children alike, sitting on park benches, strolling along pushing babies in coaches, skateboarding, jogging, and even walking their own dogs. The water fountains spout and splash water onto anyone that dares stand near enough, and there are various statues of heads of state strategically placed throughout the square. There is the usual hustle and bustle of traffic and the sounds of beeping horns, emergency vehicle sirens screaming as they speed past, screeching breaks, and the occasional rusted-out muffler growling as an old car passes by. There’s also the occasional beep-beep sound from the traffic light that signals when…

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Part 4: The Comfort Zone

Chase’s story – Part 4 – The Comfort Zone!!!
What do you all think after reading the story – is it Chase’s Comfort zone, mine or both thats going to get us thru the difficult times? Love to hear what everyone thinks?!

The Border Collie Inquisitor

by Terri Florentino


This week the class would assemble at a local dog-friendly park. I was really looking forward to it; the “Beyond the Back Yard” class offers my students an opportunity to become experienced in handling their dogs in all types of environments, and is always so much fun.

One by one the students arrived and gathered around. I greeted them, and when it was time to begin, I said, “Not sure if we’re going to have any late arrivals, so let’s start with the question-and-answer portion of the class. Remember to practice the sit-stay and down-stay exercises while we talk. It’s important that your dog learn to exercise self control.”

We formed a large circle in order to hear one another while we spoke. I placed Debbie and Chase next to my mom and my dog, Bonny. My mom is an experienced dog handler, and my dog…

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I Like Chase Very Much

Chase Part 3 is here!!!!
The training begins for Chase as well as me – the long road awaits – will it work, will we overcome the fear we both have – is there enough love and patience to overcome that fear?
What do you think?!

The Border Collie Inquisitor

By Terri Florentino

The next time we met, Debbie and Chase came to the training center. I scheduled our meeting before the start of classes so I could evaluate Chase with my own dogs.

“Are you sure you want Chase with your dogs?” Debbie asked.

“I trust my dogs,” I said. “They’ll follow my lead. They trust me too and know I’ll keep them safe.” I took the leash from Debbie. “I’m going to keep the leash on Chase, and, since you’re so nervous, I want you to stay inside and watch from the window.” Chase would sense her anxiety and that alone could promote an inappropriate response.

I do the meet-and-greets in a large fenced area. I had let my dogs out to the area first to run around. I had six of them at the time: Tulley, Echo, Scout, Meg, Deja, and Wyn. With Chase on lead, I…

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